Visitor Insurance

Be Prepared with Visitor Insurance

Canada is a geographically diverse country; you can enjoy scenic beauty and adventurous sports. Canada attracts thousands of tourists every year to experience the beauty and adventurous side of Canada. There are a lot of reasons to come to Canada, be it for exploring new places, meeting family or friends, or for business purposes. Canada is renowned for advanced but expensive medical services. In case you need any medical assistance or have any accident during your trip, you have to pay for all the expenses yourself. It can be financially crunching. It is always better to be covered for any unexpected medical or accidental emergencies. We always ignore considering any type of medical emergency or accident happening while planning a trip but it is one of the important aspects that one must consider. Visitor Insurance prepares you for facing an unpredictable health emergency and can save your trip from turning into a nightmare.

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How does Visitor Insurance Benefit You?

Visitor insurance ensures your financial security in case you face any unplanned health or accidental emergency. It is not a secret that medical services in Canada are quite expensive and it is difficult for a foreigner to bear the cost without risking their financial safety. The Canadian residents and permanent citizens are covered under provincial or territorial health insurance programs but there is no such provision available for visitors. To ensure that you are covered financially in case of any illness or medical emergency, you need to have suitable medical coverage. Visitor insurance provides you with adequate coverage that will act as a financial cushion in case you need it. Top Financial is always available to assist you throughout the insurance process and makes the claim process fast and hassle-free.

You Need Visitor Insurance If You are

  • Not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • A Super Visa or Travel Visa holder.
  • An international student coming to Canada to pursue education.
  • Coming to Canada for work purposes.
  • An immigrant and still not covered under any government health program.
  • A Canadian Resident but was out of Canada for more than 182 days or more and your provincial health insurance is still on hold.

If you fall under one of the above-mentioned categories then you need visitor insurance to keep you safe from any uncertainties. The Canadian government understands that it is difficult for anyone to bear the cost of medical expenses by themselves, especially tourists. The Canadian government has not made it mandatory for visitors to have visitor insurance while coming to Canada but pushes visitors and those who are not covered by government insurance to have private insurance for their safety. The insurance policy covering you in your own country does not cover you during your international travels.

Coverage Offered Under Visitor Insurance

  • 24×7 Emergency care including hospitalization.
  • Ambulance service.
  • Prescribed medication.
  • Physician fees.
  • Fees for an acupuncturist or optometrist if needed.
  • Essential medical apparatus/ appliances.
  • Follow-up doctor visits.
  • Emergency repair.
  • Tests needed for diagnosis purposes.
  • Dental emergencies are caused because of accidents or illness.
  • Physiotherapists, podiatrists, chiropodists, etc. medical services are covered.
  • Pre-existing medical condition.
  • Maternity expenses can also be covered depending upon policy coverage.
  • The cost of an emergency evacuation if needed along with a dependent kid or travelling companion is also covered.
  • COVID -19 emergencies are covered depending upon the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • You can buy additional coverage for sports
  • Accidental death benefits and coverage for dismemberment

A partial refund of the premium is possible if you have shortened your trip duration and have not made any claim during your trip. Insurance needs vary from person to person and the type of trip you are planning. Top Financial Inc. at Brampton, insurance advisors customize coverage depending upon your health condition and trip requirements.