Super Visa Insurance

What Super Visa Insurance is for?

As per Canadian law all visitors must follow certain regulated requirements. Top Financial is a Brampton-based super visa insurance broker to serve your needs for parents visiting Canada. There are different visas available that allow visitors to plan a short visit to Canada for a maximum of 6 months. However, commonly when our parents, grandparents and other loved ones are visiting Canada they are looking for a longer stay. Considering such situations, the Canadian government launched super visa insurance in 2011 that allows parents and grandparents to visit permanent residents or Canadian citizens for a longer period of time. Insurance helps visitors to get medical and accidental coverage during their visit. Canadian citizens have an umbrella of public health insurance that saves them from any financial burden in case of any medical emergencies, but there is no such policy to protect visitors from the medical bills if they fall ill or meet any accident during their trip. The insurance will protect visitors from any mis-happening putting a huge financial burden on them. Super Visa is a type of emergency medical insurance, which covers the cost of unexpected medical expenses during the visitor’s stay in Canada. It provides coverage for hospitalization, medical treatments, and emergency services. To protect visitors from any such problem, the Canadian government made it mandatory for every visitor to have health insurance covering their visit.

Mandatory Super Visa Requirement by Canadian Government

  • Health insurance from a Canadian company is mandatory for every visitor. The insurance makes sure that the visitors can bear expenses of medical bills if needed.
  • Coverage offered by super visa insurance must be a minimum of $100,000.
  • Offer at least 1 year of coverage.
  • All the documents of insurance must be available for validation at the time you enter Canada.
  • If you are planning to stay more than a year, you must renew the insurance 8 days prior to its expiry date.

Features of Super Visa Insurance

  • With Super Visa Insurance you can stay in Canada minimum for 2 years and can be extended further.
  • Super visa can help you stay in Canada for a maximum of 10 years.
  • You can use the validity in a single trip or in multiple trips as per your wish.
  • If your super visa application is denied, the amount for super visa insurance premium will be refunded 100% once proof of denial is received
  • If because of any reason you have to make an early return to your country of residence then the unutilized balance is refundable.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions can also be covered by the insurance if you are in stable condition and there is no change in medication or health condition.
  • A visit to the doctor for consultation or treatment is covered.
  • Any expense incurred because of hospitalization, diagnosis related tests, medication and other related expenses will be covered.
  • The process of filing and getting a claim is easy and fast.
  • If any other medical emergency comes up while ongoing treatment, treatment for that also will be covered.
  • If you encounter any emergency related to COVID-19 during your trip, treatment charges will be covered.
  • Dental emergencies are also covered
  • It is possible to save from $100 to maximum $3,000 with the help of deductibles.
  • Any individual till age of 89 can apply for insurance.
  • It is possible to get additional coverage up to $50,000.

Before selecting an appropriate plan and coverage for super visa insurance in Brampton and Canada, it is important to check whether it meets the mandatory criteria or not. Purchasing insurance from a trusted insurance provider who can be reachable at the time of your need is necessary.

Super visa insurance in Brampton is a specialized type of coverage designed for visitors coming from other countries who want to stay with their Canadian resident children or grandchildren for an extended period. There are various types of super visa insurance coverage available to meet the specific requirements of this unique visa program. Top Financial is a renowned insurance broker across Brampton. Get an instant super visa insurance quote.

It is important for visitors to carefully evaluate and compare different super Visa insurance options to select the coverage that suits their needs and budget. Obtaining appropriate insurance coverage is a mandatory requirement for individuals applying for the Super Visa program in Canada. Our online quoting tool service allow individuals to compare and purchase super visa insurance policies online. It is a convenient and streamlined way to research, compare quotes, and purchase coverage. Top Financial is Brampton-based insurance broker, trusted and always available for assistance. You can get in touch with our team anytime.

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