Health and Dental Insurance

Importance of Health and Dental Insurance in Brampton

Although health insurance given by the Canadian government provides coverage for health emergencies, still there are necessary health services that are not covered and you have to pay from your pocket. Health services that are frequently needed and not covered under government insurance plans like prescribed drugs, dental surgeries & care services, travel for medical purposes, Eye care and many more. If you do not have any additional health coverage by your employer then the financial burden will be heavy. In Canada, the coverage extent of public health insurance depends upon the Canadian province you reside in. In some provinces, you have to pay for prescribed medicines for serious illnesses while in some provinces or territories, it is covered. Get health and dental insurance in Brampton from Top Financial Inc.

Private health and dental insurance provide coverage for the health related services that are not covered by public health insurance. If you suffer a serious injury because of an accident or serious illness then the expense for the treatment can be huge and difficult to manage with your daily expenses. Personal health and dental insurance help you to be mentally and financially prepared for unseen medical emergencies. It makes it possible to take proper care of your health by regular health and dental check-ups.

Why Health and Dental Insurance?

Common question when we discuss health and dental insurance is ‘Are health and dental insurance different or can we have both covered under a single insurance policy?’. There are different policies available and provide different coverage. The basic individual health insurance plan offers coverage for some dental emergencies but does not cover dental services extensively. However, there are health insurance plans that you can opt for that provide intensive coverage for dental related services along with the medical services. The premium for the policy will depend upon the type of coverage offered by the policy.

Canadians do not go for regular dental check-ups because of the high cost of dental services. There is no fixed rate for a particular dental service and changes from one dental service provider to another. It is possible you pay $50 for a particular service and the same dental service can cost you $110 at some other provider. It is important to get yourself covered to avoid any unwanted expenses. Get the best tips for buying health insurance in Canada.

All the Benefits You Can Get When You Buy Additional Insurance

  • Waiting period is much shorter as compared to public health insurance.
  • Coverage for accidental and severe health conditions.
  • Coverage for additional medical services not covered under OHIP like physiotherapy, massage therapists, psychologists and others.
  • Less waiting period.
  • Prescribed medicines are covered.
  • Few diagnostics tests like ultrasound, MRI, CT scan etc. are covered.
  • Have provision for eye care and dental care services.
  • Can go for regular health or dental check-ups.
  • Possible to go to another country for better treatment.
  • Possible age for getting additional health and dental coverage is from 18 years till 69 years.
  • The insurance will cover till age of 79.
  • Also have travel coverage that covers health emergencies within the initial 30 days of the travel maximum up to 90 days annually.
  • Maximum coverage offered is worth $5,000,000.

There are a range of insurance packages available but you have to get the most suitable package and from a reputed insurance provider. There are certain criteria that you meet and documents that you need to get a policy. Our team at Top Financial helps you in getting more clarity, clear your doubts and help you get the most suitable policy at reasonable rates. At Top Financial we make sure the policy fits your requirements. It is important that the policy checks all the points that are crucial for you and we also point out if there are any policy exception conditions that you need to take care of. We believe in discussing every important detail with our customers clearly to avoid any confusion later.

Top Financial has been providing services in insurance and financial domain for the last 12 years in Brampton. The health and dental insurance packages offered by us are designed as per our client’s specific health and financial requirements. Health and dental insurance at Top Financial are designed in a way that they complement OHIP coverage. Our team of experts always has your back throughout the process and our customer care service is available for assistance 24×7. We try to make the entire insurance process starting from purchasing policy to filing claims quick, easy and client-friendly.

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