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Types of Life Insurance

Why is life insurance important? Is it something that you should consider? Have you thought about your family's financial state in case of uncertainties or death? Life insurance can provide security, protect home mortgages, and facilitate other retirement savings. Taking out a life insurance policy covers the risk of dying early, by providing for your family in the event of your death. It also manages the risk of retirement providing an income for you in non-earning years. Choosing the right policy type with the coverage that is right for you therefore becomes critical.

The cost or premium on your life insurance decides the type and kind of coverage you get under a life insurance plan.

Term Life Insurance: Term Insurance, as the name implies, is for a specific period, and has the lowest possible premium among all insurance plans. You can select the length of the term for which you would like coverage, up to 35 years. Payments are fixed and do not increase during your term period. In case of an untimely death, your dependents will receive the benefit amount specified in the term life insurance agreement.

Whole Life Insurance:Whole Life Policies have no fixed end date for the policy; only the death benefit exists and is paid to the named beneficiary. The policy holder is not entitled to any money during his or her own lifetime, i.e., there is no survival benefit. This plan is ideal in the case of leaving behind an estate.Primary advantages of Whole Life Insurance are guaranteed death benefits, guaranteed cash values, and fixed and known annual premiums.

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